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NOW! Upload and share your Halloween, Creepy, or Crawly images!

Your ratings and reviews, comments and suggestions on sites listed here are *VERY* much appreciated, and encouraged! We will be doing our best to rate and review sites, but a much larger input is desired. Not everyone has the same views on every site, or aspect of the sites. Diversity.

Below are the categories and links to information we have have available, or have uncovered across the web.

Animal Kingdom (9) new
All the beasties and badies from the 'higher orders' of the Animal Kingdom
Eye of newt, toes of frog,
a Witch's brew of CreepyCards.
A unique view of some of the 'horrors' of life's little trials.
Just what it says... all the little creepy crawly images.
The talking Tombstones share their Grave humor as they 'dig up' the details of Death and unearth the Meaning of Life while they 'RIP' about this, that and the other.

There are 76 links for you to choose from!

Welcome Back!

We've updated the software, and will be adding new cards, and new features as we move into the holday - Halloween - season.

The site has had a facelift from the old templates, and loads of new features have been added -- including comments and advanced ratings.

We've also enabled image uploads! That's right! For the first time you'll be able to upload your own images and postcards directly to this site, and if approved, will have the ability to share your work with others, and see how many people find your "Creepy Card" sendable! This feature will be available in the next few days! Awesome!