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Irish Graveyard in Autumn

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Added: Thu Oct 14 1999

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Irish Graveyard in Autumn

An Irish Graveyard in Autumn -- reverberating with the anguished moans of lost souls, wailing with the piercing howls of shrieking Banshees, and echoing with the even more mournful lament "Uh-oh, we just ran out of Guinness!"

If words fail you in the face of such unspeakable horror, let us here at POSTCARDS.COM / CREEPYCARDS.COM do the talking:

Suggested Greetings:

  • The morgue the merrier!
  • Just Hangin' Out!
  • A tisket a tasket, it's lonely in my casket!
  • Down and very out.
  • Feelin' down and out?
  • Down, but not out.... well, um, Okay, so I'm out!
Pre-printed cards are (or will be) available with the following greetings. Until then, feel free to add them to your card yourself!
  • Workin' Hard? We're not, We're dead!
  • Working Stiffs!
  • Do your spirits need a BOOst?
  • Do your spirits need a lift?
  • Happy Halloween from "the Gang!"
  • Have a "Bury" nice Halloweeen!
  • Happpy Halloween from all of us!
  • Happy Halloween to you and yours!
  • Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you -- I've been burried!

Copyright Info: Copyright 1999, Digital Postcards (R)

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